Thursday, April 23, 2009

Amy Rominger Peck

After graduation I started school at BYU-Idaho, just a few weeks after, actually. I had about 2 years done when I decided to go on a mission. I went Harrsiburg, Pennsylvania. I was there for 18 months then jumped right back into school. I worked on campus as an assistant to the office manager in the College of Business and Communication, and that is when the Dean (of that college) asked me if I had done an internship and I told him I hadn't. It wasn't required for major so I really hadn't put much thought into it. I started looking on-line and applied for a few here and there and ended up getting the one that I thought wouldn't be possible. I got to spend 4 months in Palmyra, New York working at the Palmyra Inn.

There I did all sorts of things - kind of like the utility player in softball. I really enjoyed the interaction with the people that came to visit the sites, or were not LDS and I got to bear testimony about the sites. I got to play manager when the "real" manager took a vacation, that was a learning experience, a good one. There were so many things I got to do while there. I got to see the Hill Cuhmorah Pageant.

Also, I ran into a missionary that I had met we were shocked to see each other again, especially on the East Coast. We are both from small towns in Idaho, so who would have thought we would run into each other in NY? His family left and about a week later I got a message on my wall on Facebook from him asking what to do now that he was home, I just laughed because I didn't have anytime to think about what to do. I told him I didn't have any good advice and wished him luck. He wrote me a week after that and asked me for my phone number and we talked every night for about 2 months. His boss at the time flew him out to visit for a weekend. From New York, I flew to SLC switched luggage and headed to Chicago (about 8 hours after flying into SLC). Colby picked me up at the airport and we stayed at a cheap hotel (we had to get two rooms so it had to be cheap), then I flew to Chicago with 13 other female BYU- Idaho students to put on a day camp for inner-city girls. Most of them were LDS. We had the camp at a church in Hyde Park, it was two weeks long. I got home the end of August and started school again in September, my last semester.

I graduated in December with a Bachelors of Science in Communication, with a minor in Exercise Science. In October, Colby and I got engaged, General Confrence weekend. I waited until after graduation to start planning the wedding. We wanted a Spring wedding and decided on March 8, 2008. We moved to Preston, Idaho, to start our life together. He was working construction out of Logan, Utah, and I worked for the small town newspaper in Preston, The Preston Citizen. I again was a utility player. I wrote, took photos and did some designing.

Colby got hired on with Union Pacific Railroad, so we knew a move was in the near future, since it was an hour plus drive from Preston. I got a job with the The Bannock Youth Foundation. When I got the job we moved. Now he has a job in Soda Springs, the railroad laid him off, so we will be moving again, when I find a job again.

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