Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Shiree, Candace, Luke, and Amber

So to get the ball rolling a little more, I am asking that Shiree Applegarth, Candace Lowe, Luke Poulter, and Amber Huntsman to give us an update. We want to hear from you!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Alicia Jones Foster

So I figured I'd do my update with a little picture collage, Cuz' hey I like collages and I find it so much more fun to look at pictures than a whole lot of words, so here it is, What I've been doing since High School:
1. Well after school in the fall of 2002 I got a scholarship to Career Beauty School so that's where I went- Only to dropout with a few months left to go, The chemicals really messed with my body and I was sick, sick, sick- and it didn't suit me very well anyways so yes "I am a beauty School Dropout" :)
2. In January 2003 the missionary, Dave Foster, (who I had never met before-he just started writing me my senior year) Came home
3. April 2003 I married my amazing missionary and best friend in the Bountiful UT Temple
4. June 2003 we got our first baby -our little Lhasa apso dog Tiki!
5. July 2004 we had our real first baby a little boy we named Payton
6. A week after I had Payton we started building our home and ten others in Idaho Falls (it was a group housing project thing with EISSA) I found out I really enjoyed building not to mention it was a great way to lose the baby weight :)
7. In July 2006 I had my sweet baby girl Brynley Ann
8. November and December 2007 I about lost my husband, first to appendicitis and than to multiple blood clots in his lungs, which the Dr's didn't believe were there and sent us home 2 times before we insisted he be scanned. This experience greatly changed my perspective and I try to treasure every second I have with my family (I don't know how long I got)
9.These are current pictures of my cute, very un-shy 4 year old boy Payton, and my Brown eyed, quiet, precious little 2 year old Girl, Brynley (we're still stumped on where the brown eyes came from :)
10. As for now I'm currently busy being a Stay at home mom, working on my pht (put hubby through) in Computer Science (he'll graduate from BYUI in Dec 08 yay!) working on starting my own schooling in Graphic design, starting a small announcement design business (littlebitsofbliss.com) and just enjoying Life. All in all life has been good, I've been married 5 years now, have two great kids, and I'm happy.

Ashlie Davids Wells

So after high school, I was supposed to move to Missouri to live for the summer, but it didn't turn out to be as spectacular as I thought I would be, so I only lasted a week and had to come home. I had met my future husband in March of 2002, but neither were in a place we could date, so we didn't start dating until I move back from Missouri in July. We dated on and off for 6 months then started dating seriously in January of 2003. We dated for over a year and were later married on March 27, 2004. We built a home in Idaho Falls and have been here for almost 4 years. In those 4 years we have had two dogs and two children; the children we kept, but the dogs were just too much for us so we had to give them to a better home. We had our son on August 1 2006, and his name is Grayson and he is a handful, but what do you expect a 2 year old to be? And we had our daughter on May 8th at home, I know it sounds hippy, but it was the best experience we have ever had with child birth and I would do it again in a heartbeat! Her name is Iris and she is the best baby ever if they are all like that I would have a million! We are currently in the process of trying to sell our home in the city, so we can move into the country and have more space for our kids to play outside, but the whole selling process it's slow going. We are crossing our fingers and hoping it's soon! For now I am a stay at home mom and I also help run our framing company by doing payroll, bills, and taxes, so my life is very full and hard to keep up with, but I wouldn't have it any other way! Some of the pictures of our son are from when he is young, but it's crazy how fast they grow!! So I had to put them in---

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Nikki Radford Wilson

Well, in 2002, I left Rigby and moved to Ogden UT to attend Weber State University. I actually met a few people from Rigby there, but no one from our class! I worked on my degree and also met my husband. Mike and I were married December 30, 2005. I graduated with my bachelor's in Psych and Health Teaching with a minor in Spanish in December 2006. Mike and I have been living in Ogden, and I've been working full time at an attorney's office for now and teach a few Pilates classes. Mike works full time and is going to school full time. We have a cute dog, no kids at this point. That's about it! It's been a blast!