Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Found You!

Man, blog searching is HARD! There are some new additions to our grad list, and I know I am missing a lot. If you guys know of a graduate's blog that is not on this list, please email it to me at 2002rhs@gmail.com.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Charlene Stoltenberg Bradley

This really is such a good idea! After high school, I went to Idaho State University and earned an Associate's Degree in Sign Language Studies. I married RHS 2001 graduate Blaine Bradley when he came to ISU after his mission to Canada in December of 2004. We lived in Pocatello until the start of the school year in 2005 when we moved back to Rigby. We are working on buying a house and hope to move in before I graduate. We will be married for 4 years in December. Boy how time does fly.

We were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Melody, the following December. She is definitely full of spunk and energy. I continue to go to school working towards a degree in Secondary Education teaching English. It is an exciting program and I am looking forward to graduating next year.

In March of this year we were blessed with our second baby girl, Emilie. She is definitely a handful and likes to keep me on my toes. These two girls absolutely love each other. Melody especially loves to protect her little sister. We have two cats that live with us also, named Dutchess and Oreo. They are a lot of fun. When I am not in school, I really enjoy spending time with my family. The photos here are the most current ones.

I am really looking forward to hearing about others and how they have been after high school. Thank you for getting this up and running.

PS. My blogspot address is sour1983.blogspot.com in case anyone wants it.